Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Welcome to 2020

Kia ora and welcome to Ruma Kererū. 

Whaea Andrea, Whaea Lisa, Whaea Tiff and Whaea Sandra hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and happy to be finally seeing some really great weather. We welcome you back to the 2020 school year and we have some wonderful trips planned throughout the year as well as exploring our local environment. Below are a few key items just so whānau and caregivers are informed.  The blog site will be updated weekly so please keep checking in here for up and coming events and photo's celebrating your child's learning.

9am - School begins.
10.30am-10.50 Morning Tea.
12.35pm - Lunchtime (eating time).
12.45pm - Playtime.
1.15pm - End of lunchtime.
2.45pm - End of school.

Red polo, navy blue shorts, pants, Red polar fleece/sweatshirt.  Do not stress about footwear/socks tamariki are welcome to wear sneakers, jandals etc and any coloured socks.
Please Name ALL clothing.  Term 1 & 2 require children to wear their hats during break times otherwise they will be asked to play under the archgola.

Please keep an eye out for notices/ permission slips that come home in your child's book bag.  If you would prefer to have these emailed please let your teachers know and we will action this.

We encourage you to read with your child as much as possible and this year tamariki will be bringing home some spelling words, it would be great to go over the words with them as well.

Please ensure that if children arrive late they are to go to the office and see Natal or Megan for a late stamp, also if they are ill please ring the school 755 7400 and leave a message, this is to ensure all tamariki are accounted for and safe.

If someone else is picking up your child at 2.45pm please let the teachers and office staff know, this is to ensure the safety of your child and no miscommunication occurs.  We enjoy parents coming into class and seeing children ending their day with their friends, but please be mindful that we are still learning and by using a quiet voice minimises distracting kaiako and tamariki.

Kererū will be swimming Mon-Thurs at 2pm.

If you require any information for your child to be on the bus route please see Natal in the office.

Hokitika Primary School have a Facebook page
Kaiako in Ruma Kererū enjoy celebrating children actively participating and at times will upload a photo to the classroom blog and the school FB page.  If you prefer for your child NOT to be on these social media outlets please let Whaea Andrea / Lisa know and we will ensure that this does not occur, this includes both the Hokitika Guardian and Greymouth Star.

EOTC: Education Outside The Classroom
This year there will be trips outside of school. At times we will require support, we will give at least two weeks notice and encourage you to come along (we have so much fun).

We are here to answer any questions to support whānau, tamariki and caregivers.  Please do not be shy, we are approachable and will offer you a quiet space if required and maybe even a cuppa :)

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Victorian Christmas - Shantytown

Ruma Kererū gathered booster seats, school bags, lunch boxes and with the help of parents and grandparents travelled to Shantytown today.  Once we had our safety briefing we all got changed into what the tamariki called "olden days clothes".  We got to make a Christmas card and we even decorated an orange that had a candle on the top.  We then walked over to the church and sang silent night.  We were really lucky to be able to be part of a Christmas play.  There was a grumpy king played by Lui.  Reid was Joseph, Iris was Mary and Cassidy was an awesome donkey.  There were three wise men and even an angel.  Tamariki had sack races, tug of war and egg and spoon races. Whaea Lisa and Katrina even joined in with the sack race.............. Enjoy the photos below.  I was extremely proud of Kererū as we were pursuing our personal best, treating others the way we would like to have been treated. Some tamariki stepped well out of their comfort zone on a day that delivered long-awaited sunshine.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make our trip a success.  Without your continued support, we wouldn't be able to have the experiences out in our wonderful community.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Term 4

Kia ora whānau and welcome to term 4.
We have lots happening in Rūma Kererū this term and look forward to sharing some fun times ahead.  Please take time to read the "what's happening" that is on the walls and doors in our class so you can get a decent heads up on the events coming up.  There will be forms coming home soon that will need to be returned for our trip to Shantytown.

Please always feel free to pop in and celebrate your child's learning or take the opportunity to talk to the teachers if you would like any of your questions/concerns answered.

We have our show coming up and would really appreciate parent helpers with getting some costumes made.  You are welcome to join us in the afternoon if time permits, Teachers and children will love to show you how you can help us get ready for the show and how we participate to make progress.

Swimming will start shortly and as Rūma Kererū are growing we will be swimming in two groups.  Keep an eye on our school newsletter for times and dates for when our swim safe program begins.

Dates to keep in mind:

28th October - Labour Day school is closed.
29th October - TOD (Teacher only Day) school is closed.
30th October - Athletics Day - postponement 31st Otober.

Ngā mihi nui

Whaea Lisa & Whaea Andrea

Friday, 6 September 2019

St Johns

On Monday we were lucky to have St Johns in our school.  We have been shown how to put someone in the recovery position.  We also got to learn how to dial 111 and speak to the operator when there is an emergency.  So many tamariki knew their address and could explain what is an emergency and what only requires mum or dad to help. All the children interacted with each other by role-playing and turn-taking.  Ka pai to mahi!

Planting seedlings and installing bug motels.

Rūma Kererū has finally managed to install the mug hotels after the rain cleared and the sun shone.  We have planted Alyssum and Cosmos seedlings and they have started to sprout.  Tamariki are hoping to attract ladybirds to their mug hotels and with the Alyssum and Cosmos we could be successful.  Fingers crossed we see ladybirds around the garden shortly.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Harold the Giraffe

This week Rūma Kererū paid Harold a visit.  We were learning about oxygen and our body. Brooklyn had the opportunity to be scanned by Harold and the photos below show how our bodies need oxygen and that plants need carbon dioxide.  For some tamariki it was their first time visiting Harold, Harold was very kind and made us all laugh.  Thanks Harold!!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Bugs not in Mugs... Observational Drawings.

During Term 2 we spent some time carefully observing various mini-beasts, and then making observational drawings. Yet again, the children have amazed us with their progress. They have learned so much about carefully looking, and drawing what they can actually see rather than what they expect to see. I have also learned some very useful tips about teaching observational drawings: 1. The bigger the drawing space I provide, the bigger and more detailed the student's drawing will be. 2. It's really hard to make observational drawings of speedy animals like centipedes and spiders. Snails are much more cooperative.
3. Drawings will be much more detailed if we spend plenty of time looking, chatting, noticing, wondering and discussing before we put pencil to paper.

Look at the progress you can see in these Before and After images (as in, before learning and after learning). First pictures were drawn on 2nd May, final pictures on the 12th of June. Gee these learners are quick!