Sunday, 11 August 2019

Bugs not in Mugs... Observational Drawings.

During Term 2 we spent some time carefully observing various mini-beasts, and then making observational drawings. Yet again, the children have amazed us with their progress. They have learned so much about carefully looking, and drawing what they can actually see rather than what they expect to see. I have also learned some very useful tips about teaching observational drawings: 1. The bigger the drawing space I provide, the bigger and more detailed the student's drawing will be. 2. It's really hard to make observational drawings of speedy animals like centipedes and spiders. Snails are much more cooperative.
3. Drawings will be much more detailed if we spend plenty of time looking, chatting, noticing, wondering and discussing before we put pencil to paper.

Look at the progress you can see in these Before and After images (as in, before learning and after learning). First pictures were drawn on 2nd May, final pictures on the 12th of June. Gee these learners are quick!

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  1. Love your Bug Mugs! I wonder what bugs will visit your mugs?


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